Intake of Data Recovery Jobs and What It Can Highlight

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During the last week at R3 Data Recovery, we have received a number of jobs of different manufacture and size. Over the course of a year we receive many, but in this particular case we will focus on a single week. By using this perspective alone may seem short-sighted, but actually it can outline a common correlation of fault that could prove invaluable to the customer for future reference.

storage devices of different manufacture and size

So out of the volume of job last week, there were a number of flash devices, hard drives, both internal and external and even a few mobile devices. However the highest intakes of jobs were hard drives. The most common manufacturer of the faulty hard drives was Seagate followed by Western Digital and the odd Toshiba and Hitachi. To isolate the type of drive further, the most common were external drives. This is interesting as it can show that external drives are more prone to failure and/or more commonly at the centre of an accident by the customer.

This is can be due to the fact that they are not fixed inside a desktop machine or laptop as an internal drive is. The internal drive is less likely to get knocked or damaged due to its secure positioning inside the desktop. The external drive however is more open to these dangers. Nether the less both types of hard drive due eventually fail regardless of accident or circumstance.

But just by looking at the weekly inflow of jobs you can highlight that Seagate are a common manufacturer, possibly down to popularity, pricing and the size of the company, but they are also the most common drive we have received with a fault this particular week. And furthermore that the external hard drives are the most common generally that we received.

western digital external hard drive recovered


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