Solid State Drive (SSD) Recovery

Although the numerous programs currently available on the market allow you to fix many of the problems that can interfere with the normal functioning of your computer by yourself, when it comes to SSD (solid state drive) recovery procedures, it is advisable to leave the matter to professionals.

SSD drives are a faster, more reliable alternative to traditional spinning platter storage devices. Due to the fact that there are no moving parts SSD drives prove far less likely to fail, however, as their usage spreads R3 Data Recovery Ltd are increasingly being called in to help recover lost data due to electronic faults or accidental damage.

Due to their design, a circuit board containing many individual Flash Memory chips, it is normally possible to recover most if not all data even from physically damaged devices.

We also regularly recover lost data from devices that have failed due to the following:

  • Physical – Physically Damaged SSD, Damaged SATA or ZIF Connector
  • Logical – Accidental Deletion and Formatting
  • Electronic – Over Voltage, Power Spike
  • Unforeseen – Water / Flood Damage, Fire or Damage Caused By Heat Exposure


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