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If the data on your LaCie drive becomes inaccessible, you need immediate LaCie hard drive recovery. Hard drive malfunctions can be caused by a lot of factors and when you loose access to data important for your day-to-day operations, you must act right away to mitigate the effects of the disaster. And this where our team at R3 Data Recovery can help you: we will make us of our long and vast experience in data recovery and save as much of your data as possible. We operate a high-capacity, state-of the-art data restoration facility equipped with the latest technology to recover data and salvage your drives as quickly as possible.

We offer high-quality and economical LaCie hard drive recovery services to businesses, organisations, corporations and home users alike. We provide quick initial consultation for free and our recovery prices start at £49+VAT for files and £199+VAT for drives, but if we are unable to recover your device or your data, we won’t charge you anything.

Our turnaround times are among the shortest in the industry. Standard services take 5-7 days to complete recovery, and we have budget plans available for home users that provide recovery within 8-10 days. We are prepared for emergency situations, too, so if you need lightning-fast recovery, we can save and return your data within 24 hours. We extended our services to include free collection by courier from anywhere in the country, so that we can start working on your device as soon as possible.

We are at your service from 6 AM to 12 midnight, so if your hard disk is failing, don’t hesitate: contact us on the phone at 0800 999 3282 or fill out the contact form on our website. Our LaCie hard disk drive recovery experts will evaluate your problem and they will proceed efficiently to salvaging your data and to minimise the disruption caused by data failure.

If you have experienced any data loss with a LaCie Drive please feel free to contact us for help, advice and support.

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