Drive Wiping – How to Securely Delete Files From Your HDD or SSD

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Be careful people!! When replacing your hard drive, laptop, desktop or any device that has a hard disk users are often not aware that even if you have deleted your data/reinstalled the operating system it is still possible to regain that data if one is so inclined.

Unless you deal with your hard disk in the correct manner there is a real danger your photos, documents or anything that was stored on your device will fall into the wrong hands.

Blank drive and data on drive

Low Level Sector by Sector Wipe

The safest way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to perform a low level sector by sector wipe to ensure the data cannot be recovered.

If you are a business the rules are very different and there is even legislation governing how businesses store and erase their data.

R3 offers a secure inexpensive wiping service that can even in some cases be free of charge, please call 0800 999 3282 for more details or click here and fill out the online form for immmediate help and assistance.

Not only do we deal with data recovery we also offer the following services:

  • Hard Drive Recertification
  • Cloning & Imaging
  • Secure Wiping
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Hard Drive Recycling

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Formatted Hard Drive

Written by R3 Team on . Posted in Data Protection

Care should always be taken when it comes to the safety of ones data.

Computers over time slow down. This is just a fact of life. For the most part users will not carry out maintenance of their Operating System (such as clearing out unwanted data) and eventually users find themselves becoming more and more frustrated with the slow speed of their machine. In many cases they will seek the help of a local IT company who frequently advise that the operating system needs to be reinstalled to regain lost performance. During the installation process of the hard disk you are asked if you would like to format the hard disk (quick format see below).

Formatting will erase ALL data on hard disks

Now in itself this is not a bad thing but what happens is they are not asked if there is any data on there that the client/customer has failed to back up and after initially being happy at finding their machine returned to a useable speed panic after they discover My Photos arent there any more, or my email PST files have gone.

The IT people tend to just expect that users will have backed up their data and users just think the data will be there when the computer is returned to them.

If this has happened to you act quickly!! You should in no instance continue to use the computer, what you need to do is stop using the computer and contact R3 straight away. The longer you continue to use the computer after this happens the lower the chance of actually getting the lost data back.

When drives are formatted or even when files have been deleted, unless a low level wipe has taken place (and for the most part isn’t done – low level wiping is time consuming as opposed to what is referred to as a quick format), the data is still accessible but not by the operating system that it has been lost from. R3 employs specialist technicians and software that can help regain lost data.

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