NAS Data Recovery Services

Recovering Data From Network Attached Storage

What i Network Attached Storage?

Network Attached Storage offers small business, high bandwidth on the desktop solutions and home users with reliable fault tolerant storage. NAS devices normally offer RAID level storage in an operating system independent system that is delivered in a package that can be hooked straight up to your network, where it is instantly recognised on your network and ready for use in minutes.

Why Are NAS Devices Different to Standard External Storage?

The problem with NAS devices, at least when it comes to the recovery of the data, is that the NAS is a closed system. It appears on the network as a share, normally with a web based admin utility that gives numerous options for configuration, drive information etc, but few understand the underlying technology that is involved in providing the networked storage solution.

Most NAS boxes offer a RAID of some description, in high bandwidth applications this can be a striped RAID 0 array, in more critical environments the device may be set up as a mirrored RAID 1 or even a RAID 5 array. Some devices are configurable and support more than one method of array configuration.

Underlying System

Beneath the simple web front end of these devices normally lies a stripped down version of the Linux operating system or an embedded version of Windows. Linux is by far the most popular choice due to the fact that there are rarely any licensing costs associated with the device.

Due to this the underlying Kernel and file system can vary, in most cases common file systems such as XFS, EXT2, EXT3 or Reiserfs are used. RAID configurations vary between manufacturers, and often between different hardware configurations too.

NAS Recovery Device Support

R3 Data Recovery offer recovery solutions from the following manufacturers of Network Attached Storage:

  • Buffalo – including the popular TeraStation and LinkStation devices
  • Netgear Storage Central devices
  • Western Digital NetCenter NAS devices
  • Thecus storage solutions
  • Evesham NAS boxes
  • Maxtor MaxAttach
  • Netware Servers
Data Recovery

R3 Data Recovery offer data recovery from NAS devices that have suffered from any of the following problems:

  • Deleted files contained on the NAS
  • Re-Initialised NAS devices
  • NAS box power failure
  • Motherboard Failure
  • PSU Failure
  • Hard disk drive failure

When choosing a provider for your NAS data recovery requirements always ensure that you approach an expert. For a free consultation contact R3 Data Recovery now or call us on 0800 999 3282.


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